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General question on BroadSea docker-compose.yml

Hello everyone,
Recently I’ve been exposed to the OHDSI. I’ve rised PostgresDB and BroadSea-webtools and I have a small question:
Why, in docker-compose.yml, there are 2 schemas defined - datasource.cdm.schema and datasource.ohdsi.schema ? (Currently I’ve configured them to the same schema and it works just fine)

What is the difference between those two? Cause there are some tables that seems to appear in both schemas.

Thank you all in advance

I think these are probably pointing to the two databases used by Atlas. Atlas has one schema that is the Common Data Model schema (CDM) that contains all of the clinical data (person, visit_occurrence, etc.) and a second schema that contains all of the data that Atlas uses as an application (e.g. cohort, cohort_definition, etc.).