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Fix for problem with parallel logger in Data Quality Dashboard R script

We are running Data Quality Dashboard from R using the instructions here:

For this part of the process:

ParallelLogger::launchLogViewer(logFileName = file.path(outputFolder, cdmSourceName, 
                                                      sprintf("log_DqDashboard_%s.txt", cdmSourceName)))

We get an error the the file cannot be found. It looks like the file is put in outputFolder/ not in outputFolder/cdmSourceName. Changing the script to the following fixed this:

ParallelLogger::launchLogViewer(logFileName = file.path(outputFolder, 
                                                      sprintf("log_DqDashboard_%s.txt", cdmSourceName)))

(also, thinking maybe there should be a tag for DQD?)

Hey Gresh, i had same problem when running the Data Quality Dashboard script from DQDashboard repo. Your provided solution fixed the error message very well. Thank you for providing.


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