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First meeting of CDM - Vocabulary subgroup

We have been looking into finding a place where Vocabulary questions can be discussed, requirements collected and decisions made and documented. To that end we created an additional channel in the CDM WG as a Vocabulary subgroup.
We picked June 30th, 10am ET as the first meeting date, with the express goal to establish this subgroup, define the direction it should take and start discussing the OKRs (and find a suitable timeslot for a recurrent appointment).
Please find the vocabulary subgroup in the OHDSI Teams “Workgroup - Common Data Model”.
Looking forward to see you there!

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One outcome of today’s meeting is that we want people to weigh in for their favorite timeslot for a recurring Vocabulary WG meeting. One proposal is to have a bi-weekly meeting on alternating weeks with the CDM workgroup Tuesday 1pm ET or on alternating weeks with a Vocabulary meeting by the N3C group on Wednesday 11am ET. If neither of those would suit you, feel free to propose others.
In any case, please check in with us to be added to the list of participants.

Tuesday is better.

Friends! (@Jake @clairblacketer @ClaudiaPP @DaveraG @AsiyahFDA @Adam_Black @gregk @ericaVoss @Dymshyts @Rijnbeek @Alexdavv)

Please weigh in. What day do we want? I will run the next call as Mik is on holiday. Let me know by the end of this week (EOD Eastern Time, 9th July) so we can get this on the books for later in the month. Thinking the week of July 25th?

Either should work for me

Both work for me. Just to confirm, does this subgroup also oversees the Vaccine Vocabulary Workgroup?

Good question @cukarthik. Short answer is: not yet… but we want to get to that point.

Our workgroup intends to provide the overall community transparency into the ongoing development and maintenance of the OMOP Vocabulary tables. We want to create transparency into how the vocabularies are adapted to new use cases. We also want to provide a mechanism to allow community members to support the development of the vocabulary tables to meet new content such that it all does not all fall on Odysseus. We know @mik and team work really hard! We want to help create a more scalable future.

The Vaccine Vocabulary Workgroup was originally started by @Adam_Black to address specific vaccine use cases raised by folks he collaborates with. As the Vocabulary subgroup matures, we do want to be knowledgeable of and provide information to the community on any and all ongoing maintenance and modifications to the vocabularies available to the community. This would include any special interest groups like the vaccine use cases that the Vaccine Vocabulary Workgroup is working on.

Not sure if that helps or confuses more. We think there are other national projects that want a mechanism to inject their wishlists into the vocabulary maintenance process and find a way to create transparency for the whole community to know those new modifications are coming… can you think of anyone who fits that bill? :wink:

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My name is David Foutch. I am a research staff member of the Center for Precision Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. I think I would like to be involved in this discussion.


Welcome @david!! Absolutely. Let’s get you included. :slight_smile: Are you onboarded to the OHDSI Teams environment yet? If not, this is the form that allows you to get added to all the collaboration spaces we’ve set up to do work in the community. The OHDSI Vocab WG is part of the CDM area of teams. We’re a channel inside of there.

It looks like Tuesdays at 1PM may be the better time for folks. @clairblacketer, can you remind me? How soon did we want to meet? :wink: I’m guessing maybe July 27th since it looks like an “off” week?