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FHIR-OMOP Collaboration Kick-off


It’s finally here! Please join us for a one-hour inaugural open HL7-OHDSI meeting, which will happen on Wednesday, 4th of August 2021, at 10am Eastern Time (16.00 European Time). We want to review (and update) our plans for the collaboration and discuss how you can get involved.


  • Ed Hammond, George Hripcsak: Opening remarks - 5 mins
  • Wayne Kubick, HL7 – perspective of HL7 and processes - 10 mins
  • Christian Reich, OHDSI – perspective of OHDSI and processes - 10 mins
  • Jon Duke, OHDSI – Applications and crosswalks - 10 mins
  • Floyd Eisenberg, HL7 – Using OMOP for Digital Quality Measures use case - 5 mins
  • Open discussion: next steps and getting involved.

Please register in advance for this meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Also, please notify colleagues and friends who might be interested in this subject.

— Wayne and Christian


Will you be recording the session. If yes, are you going to post it here?


Yes, we will make the recording and the slides available, @Sanjna.

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Osm, thank you!

Excited to see this get started!

A small favor to ask of the community…

If any of you are involved in or aware of projects connecting OMOP and FHIR, can you post a link in this thread?

I’ll start with a few examples:

Common Data Model Harmonization

Thanks and look forward to seeing many of you at the event next week!



University of Colorado: MENDS (Multi-state EHR-based network for disease surveillance: MENDS - About MENDS - National Association of Chronic Disease Directors)

OMOP 5.3.1 → FHIR R4 --(bulk)–>ESPnet(local) → National network
Long back-story why above data flows but this is what we are doing…

Final tech stack under evaluation.
Parallel evaluations with GT OMOPonFHIR and Google Healthcare FHIR API.

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Looking forward to the agreements….our use case is aggregating data consistently from disparate systems — what’s the best approach—

Are these available somewhere yet? I’m having trouble finding them, but may very well be looking in the wrong places @Christian_Reich


We had the kick-off meeting last week, marking the beginning of the process of organizing the mixed HL7-OHDSI Working Group, which will develop the goals, plans and organizational structure of our move towards consolidating FHIR and the OMOP CDM. Please find all presentations and recordings on the HL7 confluence page.

Resources used by the HL7 community

For the time being, we will publish all material and communication here and in these places.

What is going to happen next:

  1. We are planning a 2-hour workshop at the end of the month to start the Work Group. That workshop should conclude on the following:
    • The online home for the Working Group
    • Mechanisms of communication
    • Mechanisms of decision making
    • Potential subgroups and mechanisms for induction
    • Ownership and Open Source nature
  2. We are going to get your input in the process and call for ideas and suggestions.
  3. We are going to reach out to existing efforts, get them organized and their owners mobilized.

Ed, George, Wayne, Jon, Floyd, Sadhana, Melinda and Christian


For CIBMTR’s Data Transformation Initiative, we are bringing in data in from their transplant center network via FHIR (mostly with a SMART on FHIR app) and integrating via OMOP

Hi Everyone:

Please join us for the upcoming HL7 FHIR and OMOP workshop at the end of this month. This is an opportunity to share your ideas and suggestions for the establishment of this new Work Group. Please feel free to bring along colleagues and friends who might be interested. We look forward to seeing you soon!

We will explore:

• How to build the community and engage participants
• Review near term challenges regarding mapping and other issues, and
• Work to establish a collaboration framework for moving forward, including setup of specific subgroups to advance individual use cases.

Register in advance for the session that best accommodates your schedule/time zone:

29 Sept: 10am-Noon ET (2pm-4pm UTC) – Register Today
30 Sept: 4pm-5pm ET (8-9pm UTC) – Register Today


The first hour on 29 Sept. will include introductory presentations, and we request that attendees planning to join on 30 Sept. view the recording for this meeting in advance.

The second hour on 29 Sept. and the session on 30 Sept. will be primarily interactive, involving breakout sessions and polling to identify and discuss some of the primary use cases with community members.


Speakers will include Christian Reich, George Hripcsak, and Jon Duke of OHDSI and Wayne Kubick and Grahame Grieve representing HL7.

Hi Dana,
Will both worships on the 29th and the 30th of September be recorded and then distributed on the OHDSI YouTube channel? If not, am I allowed to record them on my local computer?
My research group is looking into converting our db into both HL7 FHIR and OMOP CDM and standard vocabularies. Your HL7 FHIR and OMOP workshop will be very helpful for us to watch and study multiple times :sweat_smile:

Hi Cordelia:
Links to the workshop recordings and presentations will be posted here. Glad you can join :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dana!
Look forward to meeting you at the workshops!

Hi everyone:

A quick update for this week’s HL7 FHIR and OMOP workshop.

Day 2 (30 Sept.) has been extended by 30 minutes. New time is 4pm-5:30pm ET (8-9:30pm UTC). There is still time to register!

Hi everyone,
Someone probably is already aware of these kind of opportunities. This just crossed my inbox:

I was on the registry subgroup yesterday and this seems like worth putting on the radar at large.

–Allan Wu (Northwestern University)

This is a great heads up @allanwu, particularly in the context of yesterdays discussion. Thanks for sharing!

Hi everyone:

We held the HL7 FHIR and OHDSI OMOP workshop last week. The purpose of the workshop was to identify and prioritize use cases to advance the OHDSI-HL7 collaboration and to begin the process of setting up initial projects within OHDSI and HL7. Please find the recordings, materials and resources on the HL7 Confluence page.

Five (5) subgroups have been established to advance the use cases/projects. Subgroups may be added over time as more use cases are identified. Please refer to the Projects/Use cases HL7 Confluence pages for subgroup updates, resources, meeting times, etc. Direct links below:


Next steps (close out workshop actions):

  1. Subgroups to finalize mechanisms for communication and collaboration
  2. Organizing committee to provide guidance to subgroups on how to proceed to next stage

Wayne, George, Grahame, Jon, Floyd, Christian, Dana

Hi all! The FHIR and OMOP - Terminologies subgroup is meeting today, Monday 01 November at 2pm EST. You can find the agenda here.

Join Zoom Meeting
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Hi everyone:

The FHIR-OMOP Data Harmonization subgroup has a Doodle circulating to establish a biweekly meeting cadence for the U.S. west coast and APAC time zones. Please complete it here.

There is still time to join! Subgroup signup: If you are interested in joining one or more of the subgroups (Data Model Harmonization, Digital Quality Measurement, Oncology, Registries and Applications, Terminologies), please sign up here.