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Execution button disappears after importing json in Atlas 2.8.0

(mintmountain89) #1

Hi all, we are facing the following issue after importing the json for the ‘characterization’ and ‘cohort pathways’ tabs on Atlas 2.8.0.

While we have managed to import the json format of the characterization and cohort pathways analysis, the executions button under the ‘Executions’ tabs disappears right after importing, preventing us from running the analysis on the cdm.

This is the error after clicking on ‘analysis-execution-list.js:173’:

Hope to see if I can find a solution here. Many thanks!

Hui Xing

(Chris Knoll) #2

Could you post this information to a new issue in github: github.com/ohdsi/atlas

(Chungsoo Kim) #3

We also have same issue too.

(Chris Knoll) #4

So either of you see an errors in your webapi logs that would indicate the error? The HTTP 500 error response that is causing the page to fail is generated on the server side, so that may give us a clue.

(mintmountain89) #5

Yes, have posted it here: https://github.com/OHDSI/Atlas/issues/2473

@Chris_Knoll I am not sure how to locate the WebAPI logs on the server to find the errors. Can we check with you where to find the logs? Thanks a lot!

(Chris Knoll) #6

Hi, I added info to the git issue. We can track it there.