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Error upgrading to Broadsea 3.0

I was able to run Broadsea 2.0 correctly and then tried to upgrade to the latest release of Broadsea 3.0.0. I created a new folder and cloned the Broadsea components. When I start the Broadsea components, the ohdsi/broadsea-atlasdb container starts and then exits.

Examining the logs shows the error messages:

PostgreSQL Database directory appears to contain a database; Skipping initialization

2023-04-27 18:05:30.930 UTC [1] FATAL: database files are incompatible with server
2023-04-27 18:05:30.930 UTC [1] DETAIL: The data directory was initialized by PostgreSQL version 11, which is not compatible with this version 15.2.

I believe that this must be caused because of my Broadsea 2.0 installation, and I can remove the PostgresSQL database tables, but I don’t know where they are located. This should be a simple thing to figure out, but I’ve looked in all of the docker files and can’t figure it out.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions

The Broadsea 3.0 broadsea-atlasdb demo PostgreSQL database container was updated to use the latest PostgreSQL version 15.2.

Delete the old database volume with the below command. Any data inside the postgres database will be lost.

docker volume rm atlasdb-postgres-data

When you start Broadsea 3.0 again, it will create a new compatible broadsea-atlasdb database.

Thank you very much. I don’t work with docker volumes much and your explanation makes perfect sense.