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Error Loading procedure_occurence.csv file to OMOP procedure_occurence table

i am trying to load sample dataset csv files to OMOP table but got error of date/time field value out of range. can anyone guide me to resolve this issue… i tried to set date style to YMD but still the error is there.

38000269 does not look like a date, but it is a Procedure Type concept id. Suggest you look at the first row of data in procedure_occurrence.csv and compare the columns with your Procedure_Occurrence table definition.

Thanks for ur response …i figured it out but i need to ask one thing …do i need to make changes in csv file or else change schema accordingly? Plz guide

It will be easier to change the table. Confirm that the CDM version for the ETL code matches the version of the CDM tables. Switching the order of columns in the table to match the csv file will have no harmful effects going forward.