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Drug exposure entity

(rashmi) #1

From the data perspective, we have different events for medication like
medication administered
medication given,
medication verified,
immunization reported
immunization administered.
My question is should all the events be considered for drug exposure or is there any set events for drugs that need to be considered

(Christian Reich) #2

Bring them all on.

(Melanie Philofsky) #3

And use the drug_type_concept_id to distinguish between the patient reported, ordered, administered and dispensed drugs. Also, ask one of the report writing experts at your site to define ‘verified’. It has multiple meanings and is dependent on the context.

(rashmi) #4

Thanks Christian and Melanie for your response.
One more question I had was that is there drug type that can be associated for Medication Dispensed so we can differentiate between drugs administered/given and drug dispensed. Also what will be the drug type for drugs that are restarted as we have status as ‘restarted’ for drugs.

(Melanie Philofsky) #5


Use the Athena website or SQL to find all available drug_type_concept_ids.

I would create a new drug record when a drug is “restarted”. But you should always ask the data expert at your institution on the exact meaning particular to the context of the data :slight_smile:

(rashmi) #6

I did check Athena website and couldn’t find suitable drug types for dispensed or restarted. Hence I thought i can check on the forum for the same.

(Qi Yang) #7


Link below lists all the standard drug type concept id:


I see 3 dispensed concepts here:

581452 Dispensed in Outpatient office
38000175 Prescription dispensed in pharmacy
38000176 Prescription dispensed through mail order

“Restarted” does not explain the provenance of the data and therefore does not exist.