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DB Specs for Achilles to work

I have a previously converted CDM database that I am trying to use with Achilles. I got some errors like a “column does not exist” or a table does not exist. Example:

column “payer_concept_id” does not exist

I am using the next cmd to run Achilles:

cdmDatabaseSchema = “mdcr2003_2016”,
resultsDatabaseSchema = “atlas_results”,
scratchDatabaseSchema = “achilles_scratch”,
vocabDatabaseSchema = “mdcr2003_2016”,
numThreads = 1,
sourceName = “AchilesAtlas”,
cdmVersion = “5.0.1”,
runHeel = FALSE,
runCostAnalysis = FALSE,
tempAchillesPrefix = ‘ta’,
optimizeAtlasCache = TRUE,
createIndices = TRUE)

My question is, where can I find the specs for the tables that Achilles need to use to run the previous cmd?


I think the cost analyses must be aimed at v5.3. Try running with runCostAnalysis set to FALSE. They’re not needed for Atlas.

It has runCostAnalisys=False. However, it seems that some tables at my cdmDatabaseSchema are missing some columns and I need to find out these table’s schemas to understand what columns or tables could be missing and debug this problem. Thanks

sorry missed that you had it as false :slight_smile: never mind