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Current version of cdm?

We are presently developing our databases in accord with CDM v6.0 standards. However, it appears from https://www.ohdsi.org/weekly-ohdsi-digest-march-29-2021/ that version 5.4 is under development. Does this suggest that parallel development is under way on v5.4 & v6.0? Is there a v6.1, v7.0 or other also under development?

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The current goal is to have a CDM version 5.4, with Atlas, DQ Dashboard and other analysis programs support, adopted by the end of year 2021. Both you and I have worked on developing ETLs with CDM v6.0 standards in mind, but for now V6.anything is on hold. For current ETL development you should be looking at CDM v5.3.1.

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Should we use a particular version of Rabbit-in-a-Hat for ETL planning with CDM 5.3.1? The Rabbit-in-a-Hat instance I downloaded here Software Tools – OHDSI says version 6.0. Where can I find the correct version of the RiaH tool?

Under the menu heading Edit, then Set Target Database you can switch to CDM 5.3.1