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CT scan

(Wang Man) #1

How do you guys put the CT scan data into OMOP data base?I confronted that CT data has a very complex structure.I am confused.

(Seng Chan You) #2

Though it’s not an official OHDSI working group, I and my colleagues are trying to develop radiology extension model. Please see this: https://github.com/ohdsi/radiology-cdm/wiki
If you have any question or interest on it, please let me know.

(Wang Man) #3

Thanks!But there are still some problems.I can not store the outcome of CT scan very clearly,cause the outcome is changeable.Maybe we do not need,we just store it in the Radiology_comment as your website says?

(Seng Chan You) #4

@Vines I expected users would store comment related with radiology process such as ‘this patients has contrast allergy’ or ‘portable x-ray in ICU’ in ‘Radiology_comment’ rather than the outcome.
Because it is possible to link one CT record in measurement or procedure to many other NOTEs, I don’t think it matters. If you have temporary and final outcome of CT, how about just putting all of them into NOTE table?

(Christian Reich) #5


Let’s make it a WG. I’ll come.

(박철형) #6

Thank you for sharing good ideas regarding Radiology CDM, @Vines and @Christian_Reich. I’m doctor Chul Hyoung Park, and I’m currently working at the biomedical informatics department of AUSOM with doctor Seng Chan You. I’m leading developer of new version of Radiology CDM in our department. I will take a lead of the working group. Since we are all busy preparing for OHDSI symposium, we are considering to open working group after the symposium. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

(Wang Man) #7

Oh!That’s great!I will be happy if I can be any of help.