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Covid19 PLP OC definition - Question on access-to-intensive-care data in the HIRA db

(Chiara Attanasio) #1

Hi all,

I have a question especially for those involved in the studyathon on behalf of a group of researchers currently trying to start a characterization and a prediction study in order to answer Covid19 related questions in the case of oncological patients (see COVID-19 infections in cancer patients or contact me at c.attanasio@iknl.nl for other info).

Hoping to use the HIRA KR database to perform our studies, which information can we hope to find on access to intensive care in it?

I was looking at the [COVID19 ID27 V1] Hospitalizations with pneumonia or ARDS or sepsis or AKI requiring intensive services or resulting in death in 30d outcome cohort, however my understanding is that the detail of information of EHRs might be different than the one of claims data…