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COVID19 ICD10-CM Code Mappings to SNOMED

(Marco Di Cesare) #1


I was using the Athena UI to search for various COVID19 ICD10-CM codes and I was able to find them. In addition, they have a Non-standard to Standard map (OMOP) relationship to SNOMED codes.

Yet, when I download the ICD10-CM and SNOMED vocabularies from Athena the concept_relationship.csv is missing all of those ICD10-CM code mappings. Is there a different vocabulary I have to download to get those mappings or are the csv’s in the download behind wha the Athena UI is showing?

(Alexander Davydov) #2

Have you checked concept_ids? Concept_relationship table uses these keys rather than concept_codes.

(Marco Di Cesare) #3

Yes, you are correct. My mistake, I was looking at an older version. The latest download does in fact have those mappings.

Thank you