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[Covid-19] Alpha-1 blocker as potential prophylaxis against ARDS

(Robert Clark) #21

A recent article was about using “androgen derivation therapy”(ADT) to improve survival rates for men with COVID-19:

Androgens May Explain Male Vulnerability to COVID-19.
Pam Harrison
May 07, 2020
Of the entire male population of Veneto, those with cancer had an almost twofold higher risk of becoming infected with COVID-19 than men without cancer ( P < .0001).
However, when the team looked specifically at men with prostate cancer, they found “strikingly, only four out of 5273 patients receiving ADT developed SARS-CoV-2 infection and none of these patients died.”
This compared to 37,161 men with prostate cancer who were not receiving ADT, among whom 114 men developed COVID-19 and 18 died.
Among another 79,661 patients in the Veneto region with cancer other than prostate cancer, 312 developed COVID-19 and 57 died.

ADT like alpha-blockers can be used treat prostate cancer. Are they in the same class of drugs?

Robert Clark

(Joshua Vogelstein) #22

That is very interesting, thank you for bringing it to my attention!
Some colleagues at JHU are investigating similar ideas,
while those two classes of drugs are distinct,
perhaps they can compliment one another…