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Condition Status and Condition_type_concept_id

(Melanie Philofsky) #1

@aostropolets, @Christian_Reich, @DTorok, @Dymshyts, and others with ideas/opinions,

The EHR WG discussed Condition Status and Condition Type concept_ids on our last call. Epic, AllScripts, “secret data asset”, PEDSnet, All of Us, academic institutions, business, new OMOP’ers and others joined the call. We discussed our varied needs and the granularity of our data. And now we are seeking some guidance :slight_smile:

What we have:

  • billing diagnoses (comes from a billing table), encounter diagnoses (originates in a Provider-Person interaction), problem list (All the Conditions you have now and in the past. Can be chronic or resolved), chief complaint (reason the Person sought treatment, not a Provider dx)

  • The above can have a primary vs other stated position. The Primary position is the main reason or Condition on why a Person sought care

  • Status = Admitting diagnosis, final diagnosis aka discharge diagnosis, active, resolved, inactive, preliminary


  • Conventions are unclear on how and when to use which type_concept_id or status

  • The list of suggested Status concept_ids is short

Which field stores the secondary diagnosis?
(Dmytry Dymshyts) #2

There’s another open question on condition_status_concept_id

We need to revive this discussion.

(Seng Chan You) #3

What is the solution for ‘inpatient primary’ diagnosis?

Currently, when we extract the covariates by using useConditionOccurrencePrimaryInpatient in the FeatureExtraction package, it extracts the condition concept ids with condition type concept ids of (38000183, 38000184, 38000199, 38000200).

So should we add the information for ‘visit’ to the condition type concept Id? Since this is really important for cohort definition, we need a solid solution.