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Concept Type consolidation - please take a look

(Alexandra Orlova) #41

Got it. Thanks!

(Don Torok) #42

Thought it would be helpful to include the new Domain-free concept_id along with their names. See

(Don Torok) #43

If you are unfortunate and still working with vocabulary 4.5 there is an error in implementation. All the concepts in columns A and B have been dropped from the concept table in release ‘OMOP Vocabulary v4.5 28-AUG-20’.

(Melanie Philofsky) #44


Now that the new type concept_ids are out for use, I’m circling back to type_concept_ids for Death data.

There are only two type_concept_ids specific to death:

32815 = Death Certificate
32885 = US Social Security Death Master File

For CDM v6 the cause of death is in the Condition table. In order to identify the cause of death from other conditions, we need an appropriate type concept_id. 38003569 = ‘EHR record patient status “Deceased”’, was a good one. However, it’s been deprecated. Also, Registry data will have Death data and is commonly used to enhance EHR data. So, a Registry for death type_concept_ids is needed. This will also help out Colorado with their v5.3.1 OMOP :slight_smile:

(Christian Reich) #45

Got it. So:

EHR deceased status record - child of EHR
Registry death record - child of Registry

Like that?

(Melanie Philofsky) #46

Perfect! Thanks!

(Christian Reich) #47

Actually, I repeal.

The identity of a Condition is in the Condition Status. There are a bunch of those assigned to cause of death. And then use EHR and Registry for the provenance. No need for any new concepts.


(Philip Solovyev) #48

Hi all, could you clarify the usage of new consolidated type concepts for Clinical Trials datasets.
In many CT datasets, the provenance of data is only a CRF. Does this mean 32809 - Case Report Form should be used for conditions, observations, measurements, etc. or 32817 - EHR is a better option?