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Concept_id in measurement

(Micheal ) #1

Hello OHDSI!
I analyze each patient’s lab data in meausrement as Cholesterol, AST, ALT, Hb, Uric acid etc.
Before analyzing it, the concept_id in measurement should be matched with concept_name in concept master table. However all the data in measurement are derived value, so I couldn’t use it matching with concept_name…
No description of each measurement_concept_id.
Is there any solution from matching the concept_id with concept_name in concept table?

(Seng Chan You) #2

@MichealJeong I can’t understand what you mean… Which database are you using now?

(Micheal ) #3

Sorry, If I made you confused.
I will give you for example,
In Korea, it’s normal to check health examination once a year as a blood test, a physical examnation, smoking, drinking etc.
What I am doing now is to analyze each patient’s lab data with BI tool as Tableau and visualization.
In CDM, lab data is in measurement table, and I checked them there. All most measurement_concept id can’t be found their description in concept_table because they are almost ‘Derived value’.
But, In Tableau, they should match with concept_name in concept table, then it’s analysis outcome would be well_represented.
What I am using the database is synpuf_subsample data which is smaller than full one.

(Seng Chan You) #4

@MichealJeong Still, I cannot understand what your problem is… Could you show some pictures or tables?

(Micheal ) #5

Sorry I am short of explanation of it.
Okay, I’ll show you picture

This is the lab test data for one patient.
I am willing to make like this with CDM data.

(Christian Reich) #6

Cholesterol and AST are derived values? Then there is something wrong with your data. These are ordinary lab tests, and there are normal LOINC concepts available for each. What’s going on?

(Micheal ) #7

No no, that’s for instance Christian to help him understand what I’m saying

(Christian Reich) #8

:slight_smile: Doesn’t seem to be working. I don’t quite understand either. Go to the Measurement table, pick a patient and a concept of a measurement you are interested in and that has data, and start plotting the value_as_number values in Tableau. What’s the problem?