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CONCEPT.csv import error

I just downloaded the Vocabularies release version: v5.0 17-JUN-21
but when I try to import the concept.csv to postgres, there is some error popped out. It seems the data file is inconsistent for the format. How could solve the format issue?

Error message:
SQL Error [22P02]: ERROR: invalid input syntax for type integer: “451it N”
Where: COPY concept, line 950489, column concept_id: “451it N”

Hi @LiuRida! It seems that there is a problem with the import process. Did you use the scripts of
DevV5_DDL.sql and OMOP CDM vocabulary load - PostgreSQL.sql for this purpose?

Hi @Polina_Talapova Yes, just as you mentioned, I called the ddl script to create the table, and called the load script to load the data. And based on the screenshot, I think the record in the line mentioned is not good. I don’t know what’s your tips for importing the data.

Hi! Was the problem solved eventually?