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Collection_method_concept_id value set

(Matt Miller) #1

Hi all,
Is there a recommended set of concepts for populating collection_method_concept_id in the SURVEY_CONDUCT table?

(Qi Yang) #2

@millerm12 Good question!

@Dymshyts Collection method, such as Paper, Electronic, and Telephone etc. have many concept_id in various domains, such as Observation, Measurement or Meas value. I am not sure which one to pick for the collection_method_concept_id. I think there should be a Survey domain or Survey class for all the concept_id (survey_concept_id, assisted_concept_id, respondent_type_concept_id, timing_concept_id, and collection_method_concept_id) in SURVEY_CONDUCT table

(Matt Miller) #3

@QI_omop Ah, I see, I was needlessly restricting my search to only Survey class concepts and missing applicable concepts in other domains. Thank you!