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Cohort Diagnostics: add/modify certain cohort definitions

Hi all,

Let’s say I’ve modified some cohort definitons after a round of review using Cohort Diagnostics. Is there a way for me to rerun the Cohort Diagnostics only for this modified definition and add it to the overall final output without having to rerun other definitions?


Have you tried incremental mode?

No, as I was not so sure by reading the documentation that this is the way to go. Would you mind giving some extra info on how this mode works?

Incremental mode keeps track of what has already been executed by keeping a log on your local computer. On every execution it will check the log files in the incremental folder.

The check is to see if the input specification i.e. the cohort definition object has changed. If changed compared to prior execution, then the changed cohorts are executed. If not, they are skipped.

Many thanks. That was helpful. I now find also some explainations within the Cohort Generator package