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Cannot connect to built instance of Atlas. WebAPI deployed successfully and can get the value from the sources table. NEED HELP PLEASE!


I’m new to implementing an instance of ATLAS and any web applications in general so would really appreciate any help.

I have built the instance following the guides and have a viable CDM to connect too and the deployment of the WebAPI created the database tables as described. The source and source daimon tables are populated with the url needed to connect to the CDM and when accessing the localhost:8080/WebAPI/source/sources it gives me the values input into the source tables. I think its a problem with the web server but not sure how to trouble shoot it.

The Atlas instance is being built on RHEL 8.

Any help or even just places to look for issues would be incredibly useful.
Please let me know what other information I should add to better help troubleshoot my instance.


Need more information, such as versions of WebAPI and Atlas, and what errors you are getting when you open up the developer console in chrome (ie: ctrl-shift-i in windows)

Thanks for responding,

Atlas Version 2.10.0
WebAPI Version 2.10.0

For the Developer tools:
crbug/1173575, non-JS module files deprecated.
Is the error the I am seeing.

There must be something more. Do you see the atlas HTML files being loaded in the ‘network’ panel?

Please try to give as much context as possible: what did you do to get the ‘crbug/xxx’ message? What URL are you trying to access? What is your configuration set to access the WebAPI instance?

It doesn’t seem as though the HTML files are being loaded as the network panel just says its looking for “atlas” with a status of:
And type of simply document.

the crbug message is generated as the first thing when I open the developer tools but it is just a warning that I don’t believe apply in this case.

The URL is http://the name of the sever/atlas

The config-local in the JS folder of the Atlas repository that is located in the /var/www/html/atlas/js points to “http://name of the server/WebAPI”

The httpd.conf file located in /etc/httpd/conf has the proxy pass and proxy pass reverse both set to “/WebAPI” “http://localhost:8080/WebAPI

Thanks again and let me know what other info may help!

Sorry, I’m not familiar with getting this to run in a *nix enviornment.

For me, I have an IIS server running and I just point the IIS server to a folder and reference it as ‘atlas’ and the HTML pages are served.

The WebAPI is hosted in a Tomcat service, so I use the Tomcat server manager to deploy the WebAPI file. In my case, the HTTPD service and the Java servlet engine are completely different, so I don’t have any HTTPD configuration for WebAPI at all.

Perhaps someone familiar with your OS choice can help you with this.