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ATLAS-Search-RC and DRC are populated as 0

(Chetan) #21

Hello @Ajit_Londhe,

As suggested, I changed the priority to 0 (zero) for source_daimon_id =2 and 4.
Restarted Tomcat.
Performed ‘Refresh Cache’ from Configuration page of Atlas.

The counts are still 0.


(Ajit Londhe) #22

Any console errors in Chrome?

(Chetan) #23

Hello @Ajit_Londhe,

We are using Firefox. There are few ‘Cross Origin Request Blocked’ errors.


(Chetan) #24

Hello @Ajit_Londhe, @Chris_Knoll,

I performed the following steps in the below mentioned order -

  1. Clicked on ‘Clear Configuration Cache’ button in Configuration page.


  2. Executed ‘Refresh cache’ for the data-source.

  3. Logged-out of Altas

  4. Restarted Tomcat service.

  5. Logged-in to Atlas, went to Search page and searched for ‘hypertension’. The RC and DRC counts had valid and non-zero values.

  6. Searched few more codes/values and received valid counts.

However, when I went back to search for ‘hypertension’, it again gave me 0 counts under RC and DRC.
I had to again logout of Atlas and restart the Tomcat service.
I logged-in to Atlas, searched for ‘hypertension’ and got valid non-zero counts of RC and DRC.

Can you please explain what could be causing this issue?
Does this seems to any Atlas code issue or a system related issue?
Please help.

Thanks In Advance.

(Chris Knoll) #25

If i was having this problem in my own env, I would set up a developer environment where you launch the application from an IDE (like netbeans or intellij) and set a breakpoint on the call to getConceptRecordCount here.

I’m pretty sure it is some kind of configuration error on your side since we have a 2.7.7 branch and a preview 2.8 branch running in our own environment, and we do not have the ‘zero record count’ issue you are describing.

(Ajit Londhe) #26

Just to ensure we’re not introducing other confounders, have you tested this in chrome? Atlas is optimized for chrome

(Chetan) #27

Hello @Ajit_Londhe,

I am now getting RC/DRC counts.
The counts were displayed 0 as webAPI couldn’t respond due to crashing of Tomcat.
Tomcat kept crashing with heap space OutOfMemory error.
Configured the -Xms and -Xmx parameters for Java to resolve this.

I also go chrome installed. However, there’s an error displayed in console. Below is the screenshot -



(Chris Knoll) #28

That error can be ignored, I think: when the app loads, it tries to determine if you’re authenticated by going to /user/me. But, looks like you were not, so it then re-initliazed some of the service information.

(Javier Gracia-Tabuenca) #29

hello @CSC

We are having the same problem, what values of Xms and Xmx do you recomend ??

(Ines Reinecke) #30

Hi Ajit, we are having the same issue, not having RC shown based on our source_concept_id infromation. We already updated Achilles to the version that was mentioned in this thread. We still don’t get any RC countings, though we have enries in the condition_occurence table. I am wondering, since I am not able to find the analysis_id 425 in the achilles_analysis table in our results schema. I assumed, this will be added by Achiles with the newer version. Am I wrong? I would appreciate to get some support. Thanks a lot in advance. Kind regards. Ines

(Chris Roeder) #31

“me too”, bump.

I don’t see a github issue for this thread here. Has one been entered?

(Anoop Yamsani) #32

Wondering if its to do with having aceess to multiple sources and the default pointing to a different source of vocab than the one you expect it to be from. Under configurationg tab, you should be able to define the default for your session. see if you can choose the right source and that gets you the right counds.

(Chris Roeder) #33

That was it. I had to select the source both for Vocabulary Version and Record Counts.