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ATLAS-Search-RC and DRC are populated as 0

(Chetan) #21

Hello @Ajit_Londhe,

As suggested, I changed the priority to 0 (zero) for source_daimon_id =2 and 4.
Restarted Tomcat.
Performed ‘Refresh Cache’ from Configuration page of Atlas.

The counts are still 0.


(Ajit Londhe) #22

Any console errors in Chrome?

(Chetan) #23

Hello @Ajit_Londhe,

We are using Firefox. There are few ‘Cross Origin Request Blocked’ errors.


(Chetan) #24

Hello @Ajit_Londhe, @Chris_Knoll,

I performed the following steps in the below mentioned order -

  1. Clicked on ‘Clear Configuration Cache’ button in Configuration page.


  2. Executed ‘Refresh cache’ for the data-source.

  3. Logged-out of Altas

  4. Restarted Tomcat service.

  5. Logged-in to Atlas, went to Search page and searched for ‘hypertension’. The RC and DRC counts had valid and non-zero values.

  6. Searched few more codes/values and received valid counts.

However, when I went back to search for ‘hypertension’, it again gave me 0 counts under RC and DRC.
I had to again logout of Atlas and restart the Tomcat service.
I logged-in to Atlas, searched for ‘hypertension’ and got valid non-zero counts of RC and DRC.

Can you please explain what could be causing this issue?
Does this seems to any Atlas code issue or a system related issue?
Please help.

Thanks In Advance.

(Chris Knoll) #25

If i was having this problem in my own env, I would set up a developer environment where you launch the application from an IDE (like netbeans or intellij) and set a breakpoint on the call to getConceptRecordCount here.

I’m pretty sure it is some kind of configuration error on your side since we have a 2.7.7 branch and a preview 2.8 branch running in our own environment, and we do not have the ‘zero record count’ issue you are describing.

(Ajit Londhe) #26

Just to ensure we’re not introducing other confounders, have you tested this in chrome? Atlas is optimized for chrome

(Chetan) #27

Hello @Ajit_Londhe,

I am now getting RC/DRC counts.
The counts were displayed 0 as webAPI couldn’t respond due to crashing of Tomcat.
Tomcat kept crashing with heap space OutOfMemory error.
Configured the -Xms and -Xmx parameters for Java to resolve this.

I also go chrome installed. However, there’s an error displayed in console. Below is the screenshot -



(Chris Knoll) #28

That error can be ignored, I think: when the app loads, it tries to determine if you’re authenticated by going to /user/me. But, looks like you were not, so it then re-initliazed some of the service information.

(Javier Gracia-Tabuenca) #29

hello @CSC

We are having the same problem, what values of Xms and Xmx do you recomend ??

(Ines Reinecke) #30

Hi Ajit, we are having the same issue, not having RC shown based on our source_concept_id infromation. We already updated Achilles to the version that was mentioned in this thread. We still don’t get any RC countings, though we have enries in the condition_occurence table. I am wondering, since I am not able to find the analysis_id 425 in the achilles_analysis table in our results schema. I assumed, this will be added by Achiles with the newer version. Am I wrong? I would appreciate to get some support. Thanks a lot in advance. Kind regards. Ines