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Atlas Error Loading Report


(Anoop Yamsani) #1


We recently implemented Atlas in our environment, when run on synpuf dataset everything seems to work fine, but when run against our OMOP dataset, we are facing error with the out of box provided reports by OHDSI. The reports generate fine for dashboard, data density, person, visit, death and achilles heels and fails on all other reports. wondering if it has to do with size of data. If so, where in the configuration do i change the acceptable size parameter? Thank you for your help in advance.

(Anoop Yamsani) #2

Ok, further investigation shows that it has to do with concept hierarchy not being available post Atlas implementation.

(Brian Paciotti) #3

We are facing a similar problem at UC Davis. We can generate the reports you list above when we load SynPuf and our own data. Can you tell us more what you mean by the concept hierarchy here? CONCEPT_ANCESTOR table?