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ATLAS Cohort Characterization - denominators for percentages

When viewing an execution of a characterization, the percentages beside each count appear to be using the entire cohort count as their denominator. Is there a way to switch this out for a percentage with the feature analysis or subgroup analysis count as the denominator?

eg. Characterizing a Fully Vaccinated for COVID-19 Cohort with a feature analysis of Ethnicity outputs percentages like: (Fully Vaccinated Hispanic or Latinx Count) / (Fully Vaccinated Count), when we want percentages like: (Fully Vaccinated Hispanic or Latinx Count) / (Total Hispanic or Latinx in our dataset Count)

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I saw a similar post of yours here: Cohort Characterization - denominators for subgroups


There is a feature request to store the sub-group statistics so that you can see the percentages by subgroup count, not overall cohort count. It just needs to be prioritized and resources allocated.