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Athena vocabulary update dates

Happy New Year @Christian_Reich

When was the last time the Provider Specialty vocabularies (ABMS, CMS Specialty, NUCC) were updated in Athena? They don’t have a “latest update” date on the website. I’m working with THEMIS Group #3: Person, Provider, etc. to clean up the multiple specialties and make suggestions for specialties that are not represented by a standard concept.


Not in a while. Probably 3 years ago. Go ahead and make all changes/additions, and we put them in.

Cleaning up the specialties is a good idea. They do have the same standard specialties in different vocabularies. For instance, Cardiology exists as standard in both Specialty and HES Specialty.
I’ve been thinking of the following priority: Specialty -> HES Specialty -> NUCC -> ABMS.
Then we can make Cardiology from HES Specialty non-standard and create a relationship to Cardiology from Specialty.

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I would argue the order should start with NUCC. I have not done a side by side comparison, but the NUCC code set has the most granular codes and includes different provider levels.

I would also like to add “clinician title or provider level or provider certification” (open to other naming conventions) to the Provider table. Values would be the concept_ids for MD, RN, CNM, EMT-I, etc. which are found in the NUCC code set.

Thoughts @aostropolets, @Christian_Reich, and all?


Are you bringing this up in the appropriate THEMIS Focus Group?

I volunteered to lead the charge on cleaning up provider specialty concept_ids. I have started another, more appropriately titled thread to kick off the discussion. @Christian_Reich and @aostropolets Please see this thread for the continued discussion.

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