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Asthens mapping


(sameh yousef) #1

Hi, I am new to OHDSI and going to use OMOP for a new project.

I searched Athena for the concept “critical limb ischemia” and found the related concepts and the hierarchy but I could not download the mapping of this concept. When I download, it downloaded general dictionaries and others in a large zip file.
Any advice on how to download mapping tree for critical limb ischemia form Athena.

Thank you

(Anna Karenina) #2

Hello @samehyousef,

Unfortunately, you cannot download mapping tree for a single concept from Athena. You can either download the search results (“Download results” button above the results list) or get the whole vocabularies in CSV format for offline use (“Download” tab in the top navigation bar).
In general, Athena offers two types of service: a) interactive vocabulary browsing (Search tab); b) distribution of raw vocabulary data (Download tab).