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Antibiotic resistance data?

Just have a question for the general OHDSI community. Does OHDSI have patient data on antibiotic species and antibiotic susceptibility information (including MIC)?


OHDSI has nothing. The collaborators have. I can imagine many of the hospital systems have that information. You may want to state your question and potentially propose a Network Study.

My group is doing quite a bit of work with antibiotic susceptibility information (including MIC). We may be interested in a network study if you want to propose one.

I work on infectious diseases (and have worked extensively on methods for preventing infection associated complications by developing statistical approaches for targeting prophylactic treatment). In that context, we have been studying antimicrobial stewardship and would be interested if there was a network study. We have a great team here at Hopkins leading a national AMR effort and can likely pull relevant data / bring expertise on the topic.


The only extension I know of is from the PedsNet work. @bailey posted their extension here: Adding Cultures into OMOP v5 in this forum post. We would be interested in a network study that could potentially expand the model.

It might be worth seeing if @abel has some data around this. I know they have done some work in the past between with Northwestern and Regenstrief on this topic.