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Ankle-Brachial Index(ABI) mapping


I need some help to map my data of Ankle-Brachial Index(ABI).

In my case I am confused that how to map the data of Ankle-Brachial Index(ABI) because I have values of ABI like ABI Right and ABI Left and i want to map it to OHDSI CDM V5.3’s measurement table.

I found one concept having concept_id 46237026 but how to map my values to it.


In source data I have values like ABI Right=0.96 and ABI Left=0.88
so can i store these values in measurement table like ABI=0.96/0.88 ? Will it be correct ?

Please help?

Thank you.


Your question is very similar to this one

You can find a comprehensive answer there!

I think this case is different than this one because that question was asked by me. and I am not able to relate here. @zhuk

Thank you

I think the similarity is that in the other question, you’re asking how to store which position the blood pressure was measured, and in this case you’re asking how to store which side the ABI was measured.

In both cases, we don’t have a field to capture the ‘mode’ or ‘position’ of a measurement, just that the measurement was taken.

To answer your question:

No, that’s not a way to store a value. We can’t write the tools to parse out a string and interpret X/Y as left/right values.

Is there any problem with just storing the two separate measurements in the data? What’s the use case that if you got a 0.96/0.41 you’d need to treat that differently if it was 0.41/0.96? Is having the records of the higher and lower measured values (in separate measurement observations) enough?

Thank you @chris_knoll for explanation i got it totally but now the question is, where are the concepts for ABI right and ABI left because I wasn’t be able to find it in Athena can you please help me with that?

Thank you in advance.

I did an athena search for ABI in the measurement domain, and found these:

Does any of those work for the specific side? If not, do you need to record the side and can you just store that there were 2 measruemtns taken and store them as generic ‘Ankle Brachial pressure index’?