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Adding UK Census 2011 Ethnicity SNOMED codes and standardise

(Edward Palmer) #1

Would it be possible to update the vocabulary so that the 2011 UK census codes are considered standard. These are currently in the concept table from the “read” vocabulary with concept_id starting around 46277361. These are all listed under the “Condition” domain. I should imagine these should be changed to “Race” domain. The ethnicity codes are also in SNOMED (976551000000109) where they seem to be better represented than in the read codes.

The 2001 census codes (the current standard codes for “race” in the UK) are now out of date and don’t reflect how we currently collect this data.

Apologies if I haven’t followed ettiequte or this isn’t the correct route to make this request.
Many thanks in advance for your assistance.


(Edward Palmer) #2

Whoops… I can see that the 2011 codes are in fact there. However, their domain is still “Condition”, which I think is how I missed them the first time. Is this the correct behaviour or should the domain change to “Race”?

(Christian Reich) #3

Let’s keep discussing here.