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Add procedure guidance when no specific term is available

Hi everyone!

I am trying to reorder and save some retrospective data in OMOP standard tables and I was wondering if you could help me with this problem I run into.

I need to save different types of biopsies of breast procedures with different options of imaging guidance. I have specific standard terms from the procedure domain for most of the combinations (example: “Fine needle aspiration of breast using ultrasound guidance”), but I am missing the exact combination for some others (example: Vacuum-assisted biopsy of breast using MRI guidance). I have thought the standard terms “Vacuum assisted biopsy of lesion of breast” and “MRI guided biopsy” but these are both from the procedure domain.

I was wondering if I could save and relate these terms respecting standard OMOP structure without these appearing as two completely separate procedures.

Thank you in advance,


Hello Mercedes,

The easiest way to preserve exact meaning of the combination would be to keep the source concept standard with mapping to itself, while creating “Is a” relationships to all closest available parents among existing concepts in standardized vocabularies.

This way your concept will appear in all concept sets that look for either aspect of the concept’s meaning.

In your example, you would need to include Vacuum assisted biopsy of lesion of breast and MRI guided biopsy as parents in CONCEPT_RELATIONSHIP table, as well as a “Maps to” relation where source concept is in both concept_id_1 and concept_id_2.

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