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Achilles Error while using master branch (1.7) - "#s_tmpach_11" does not exist

(Dhaval Patil) #1

Hello, We are using the 6.0 version for CDM and latest 1.7 version for Achilles. After running the below
code, we get an error saying - “#s_tmpach_11” does not exist. Can you please suggest a quick workaround for same ?

connectionDetails <- createConnectionDetails(dbms=“redshift”, server=“xxxxx-cluster.cqtbop4m43cm.us-west-2.redshift.amazonaws.com/omapcdm”, user=“xxxx”,
password=‘xxxxx’, schema=“public”, port=“5439”)
achillesResults <- achilles(connectionDetails, cdmDatabaseSchema=“public”,
resultsDatabaseSchema=“results”, sourceName=“mysource”,
cdmVersion = “6.0”, vocabDatabaseSchema=“public”)

Any quick help will be greatly appreciated !