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About dialysis

(Mk) #1

Hello. My name is Min-Guk Son, who is currently working at Ajou University.

We are currently investigating the mapping of terms related to dialysis. Is there a difference between “4050863 continuous hemodialysis” and “4051329 continuous venovenous hemodialysis”? If you were to map CRRT that is actually used in clinical practice, which one would you map?

Thanks for reading.

(Oleg Zhuk) #2

Hello, @MinkookSon

Clinically there is a significant difference between venovenous dialysis (stated that veins only used as vascular access) and continuous hemodialysis (unclear type of vascular access).

In Athena you can click on the concept and find detailed information about it. For continuous hemodialysis you mentioned, there are some ‘children’ or lower level hierarchical concepts, connected with ‘Subsumes’ relationships: Continuous hemodiafiltration, Continuous venovenous hemodialysis, Continuous arteriovenous hemodialysis, all clinically different.
And some ‘parents’ or higher level hierarchical concepts, connected with ‘Is a’ relationships: Hemodialysis, Continuous renal replacement therapy.

Dialysis options differ from each other, so if you don’t have any precise information on dialysis mode and vascular access, and have only CRRT mentioned, just use:
Continuous renal replacement therapy

(Mk) #3

Thank you for your help.