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DRG codes change their meaning over time (2)
Units: mutations per megabase (4)
Biphenotypic sinonasal sarcoma (6)
Squamous Cell Carcinoma, HPV-negative/Positive (2)
Secretory carcinoma of breast of breast (2)
Question Mapping (13)
ICD9 code for (general!) primary pulmonary hypertension gets mapped to SNOMED decendent of primary pulmonary hypertension (4)
How to use vocabulary file (2)
READ Code 9i0..00 for 'British or mixed British - ethnic category 2001 census' maps to Condition (3)
Confirmation of concept ids (2)
ICD10CM codes map to multiple standard SNOMED codes (6)
Proposal of CVX and CVX-RxNorm/CVX-ATC hierarchical crosswalks creation (8)
How to Intrepret - HCPCS - Ground mileage, per statute mile (2614666) (3)
Odd validation of concept id (4)
Vaccines standard - CVX or RxNorm? ( 2 ) (35)
CPT4 Query on Athena not returning code (6)
Odd Athena search behavior (1)
Gender/Sex NAACCR (5)
Questionable HCPCS codes in Procedure domain (12)
No Standard concept for Invalid SNOMED code (9)
Using Hierarchical Ingredient Codes (HIC) (9)
UCUM vocabulary not offered by ATHENA for V5 download (9)
Admission and discharge UB-04 code missing from vocabulary (4)
Visit_concept_id for long term care visit (1)
Flagging OTC products & What relationships are presently reliable? (7)
Missing concept about dm+d in new v5 vocab download (3)
Source of Race vocabulary in OMOP CDM (3)
Condition type for French discharge diagnosis codes (6)
Mapping ATC to Rxnorm (3)
Managing ICD10 to SNOMED (4)