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What is the terminate of the table concept?

(Seanzhang924926) #1

The table concept is terminated by “→”?

(Daniel Lima) #2

Field separator is "\t" (rendered as → in your editor), line separator is "\n" (as LF).
The last field (invalid_reason) is NULL, so there is no value between the last "\t" and the finishing "\n".
Ref: Wikipedia on Tab-separated values

(Maxim Moinat) #3

@seanzhang924926 And in this case it is terminated by \t, because the last column is an empty field (the empty_reason). If you scroll down in the list, you should encounter some rows where it is filled with a ‘D’ (for deleted) or ‘U’ (for updated).

(Seanzhang924926) #4

Thank you.

(Seanzhang924926) #5

Thank you very much.