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What is difference between 36714388 and 37394478

(Aelan Park) #1

I am confused about those difference between them.
36714388 Influenza caused by seasonal influenza virus
37394478 Influenza due to seasonal influenza virus

Also I tried to figure out them on SNOMED -CT, but only ’ Influenza caused by seasonal influenza virus’ is found on SNOMED-CT.

Please tell me about them.

Thank you in advance.


(Christian Reich) #2


Yeah, that’s something that does happen, even though very rarely: Duplicates in SNOMED. The first one is SNOMED International, and it’s the one you should use. The second one is from SNOMED UK. It will eventually be de-duplicated and removed.

How do you know which is the right one? Unfortunately we don’t have a good way for that. Here are the tricks I am using:

  • Check the concept_code. The shorter one is the SNOMED International one. This will make you pick 36714388.
  • Check the hierarchy in CONCEPT_ANCESTOR. Usually, the good concept has lots of ancestors and descendants, the bad one doesn’t. In this case this doesn’t work, both ancestors and descendants are identical.

(Aelan Park) #3

Thank you for your good advice.