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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Arnab Bose) #44


My name is Arnab Bose. I am particularly interested in NLP and population health management both in academia and industry settings.
My academia role is as a lecturer at the University of Chicago Analytics program. I teach Time Series Analysis & Forecasting, and Healthcare Analytics. I work with students on projects such as forecasting healthcare costs for capitation payment and stratification of population risk.
My industry role is in healthcare analytics at my company Abzooba. We focus on using deep learning in NLP and machine learning to forecast healthcare cost and outcomes, and population risk stratification and mitigation.
Look forward to engaging with the OHDSI community.


(Edouard DEBONNEUIL) #45

Hi All,

I am only entering this wonderful place now but it is totally aligned with what I do. My name is Edouard Debonneuil, I live in France. I do research on large scale longitudinal health data to find what drugs should be taken for what conditions and, quite similarly, what are the morbidity and mortality risks given health conditions and treatments. I do this both as a private consultant (ActuRx) and as a late thesis with ISFA in France (public research, actuarial sciences).
Previously to doing this I was doing computational biomedical research (graduated from Centrale in France and UCLA), moved (for financial reasons) to market finance algorithms and insurance database analysis (I was head of R&D at AXA for the life part, with my team we were crunching longitudinal insurance data from many countries; I am a life actuary from the ISFA university). There I discovered the existence of large-scale longitudinal health data, thought that was the perfect match for me to help towards a better help, and plunged into this field.

In the long term I would like to contribute to some general automated system that tells what to do to stay healthy (or to recover health). In order to walk before being able to run, as a short term step I would typically like to investigate the effects of metformin on general mortality specific morbidity, as a sort of next step behind Bannister CA et al 2014 (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25041462). Anyone interested in doing such an analysis collectively? I am going to post the question in the research section of this forum.


(Kasim Sultan) #46

I am Kasim Shahul Hameed Sultan. I recently joined a top consulting company as a software architect. I am a technologist who had worked for 14 years in SAP on various technology platforms. I am very new to this domain of Life Sciences but i am loving it already. I am quite interested in the great work done by the forum. Hope i am atleast able to use the good work you folks have done if not contribute to this.

(Tell Bennett) #47

Hi all-

I’m a pediatric ICU physician and data scientist at the University of Colorado and Children’s Hospital Colorado. In my research life I’m based at a large health outcomes research center (the Adult and Child Consortium for Health Outcomes Research and Delivery Science, ACCORDS). I’ve begun to collaborate with @schillil and Michael Kahn at ACCORDS, and recently they hosted @Patrick_Ryan as an invited speaker. I enjoyed hearing about OHDSI and talking with Patrick, and there seemed to be good potential for collaborating with OHDSI in the future. In my own work, I primarily study treatments and outcomes for children who suffer traumatic brain injury as well as other types of trauma. Methodologically, I’m interested in probabilistic record linkage, causal inference, and tools for reproducible research.

-Tell Bennett

(Jon Duke) #48


Welcome to OHDSI. I would be interested in learning more about the
metformin and mortality study you are considering. Please post additional
information to the research forum!

(Edouard DEBONNEUIL) #49

Happy New Year! Coming back here after some vacations. Great to see that you are interested, will post about it shortly in the research forum.

(Stuart Nelson) #50

I am Stuart Nelson. Some of you may know me from my previous life as Head of MeSH at NLM, working on UMLS and developer of RxNorm.
I am currently working at University of New Mexico, hoping to do some large scale observational data analytics.

(Mark Little) #51

Hello. I am Mark Little and I am a Professor in Trinity College Dublin. I am an Academic Nephrologist with an interest in autoimmunity, specifically with reference to ANCA vasculitis. Active member of the Rare Disease community.
I am moving towards application of novel data science approaches / machine learning in the study of rare autoimmune disease, so OHDSI seems like a great initiative in this arena!
I’m not very good at coding or programming (although hopefully getting better) so always looking to collaborate with individuals with those skills, who themselves are looking to access our high quality longitudinal clinical data sets.

(Harry Cruz) #52

Hi everybody,

First off: Thank you very much @MauraBeaton for the great conversation over the phone!

My name is Harry Cruz, I am a PhD candidate at Hasso Plattner Insitute (HPI) and Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology in Potsdam, Germany. My current research focus on the development of predictive models for the onset of acute diseases. We are currently exploring an application for Acute Kidney Disease based on the MIT MIMIC database. I’m eager to collaborate with research groups in this field. @mlittle, I’d love to briefly introduce the research project to you, maybe we can collaborate on it!

At the HPI in Potsdam, we run the FSOC Lab http://hpi.de/forschung/future-soc-lab.html It’s a high performance in memory processing cluster based on the SAP HANA platform. The FSOC lab is constantly looking for challenging, computationally projects - just the type of projects we are developing.

Finally: I’m from Brazil. While I cannot dance Samba, I do enjoy good old bossa nova and a good rodizio!


(Mark Little) #53

Hi Harry
Would be good to chat. I have also copied in my colleague Peter Lavin who has a specific interest in aki.
Next Monday afternoon is fairly free

(Harry Cruz) #54

Hi Mark, thanks for you prompt reply! Monday afternoon is a good time for me. What about 15h GMT / 16h CET? @Peter, glad to meet you (virtually)! Looking forward to our chat on Monday! Best regards, Harry

(Jiro Manabe) #55

My name is Jiro Manabe, a contract researcher, working for the Department of Health Mangement and Policy at the University of Tokyo (University Hospital). In Japan, we are currently focusing on a data linkage project and are now interested in applying OHDSI CDM for promoting epidemiological resaerches. I have just strated reading throguh CDM v5 spec and comments left in this forum to gather information, and downloaded the WhiteRabbit/USAGI trying to know how to create the CDM. I am absolutely at the entry stage and hope to sort things out through this forum.

(Christian Reich) #56

@Jiro, @mlittle, @harrycruz:

Welcome. Feel free to post your questions, and somebody will answer.

(Jon Duke) #57

@Jiro, こんにちは ! I spent a while at Nagoya University medical school and would love discuss how the CDM can be applied to Japanese clinical datasets. Let me know if I can be of help.


(Jiro Manabe) #58

Hello, it is good to know that there is someone who knows the Japanese clinical data setting! As you know, the digital format for the Japanese health insurance claims does not form as a usual database and lots of improvement in the system is in need in Japan. I am a very biginner for the CDM and your help would be greatly appreciated!

(Kevin Haynes) #59

Hello, I am Kevin Haynes a Clinical Epidemiologist with HealthCore. I am a pharmacoepidemiologist with a lot of Sentinel CDM experience. I am starting to dive into the OHDSI tools.

(Harry Cruz) #60

Hi everybody,

Just briefly sharing with you some of the OHDSI seeds bearing fruit: Mark Little (@mlittle) and I met via the OHDSI forum last month. We thought there was a potential for collaboration. Mark and his colleague Dr. Peter Lavin kindly invited me over to Dublin to speak at the Scientific Meeting of the Irish Nephrology society. We are now working on developing a joint project for patient-level prediction, together with Trinity College and Hasso Plattner Institute.

This is a great example of how initiatives such as OHDSI help advance research and foster new collaborations, many thanks to you all and to @mlittle in particular!

Best, Harry

(Richard Baumann) #61

Hi all, I’m Richard Baumann. I’m a senior manager of data architecture and databases in the Center for Observational Research at Amgen. I’m relatively new to OHDSI concepts but have a lot of enthusiasm for becoming very familiar with it. My goal is some day to be able to reply to questions from new members in these forums. My hobbies outside of work include programming electronic music in SONAR (<a href = https://www.cakewalk.com/products/SONAR), developing my presentation skills in Toastmasters, and taking care of three rambunctious cats, one of whom rides around with me on my shoulder everywhere I go.

(Richard Baumann) #62

Hi Erica, nice to meet you. About a month ago I found a web site where Janssen had posted some real live ETL programs, such as one for Flatiron oncology data. It had your user ID associated with it. Now, for the life of me, I cannot find it any more. Do you know what I’m referring to? If so, could you tell me the URL for it? Much appreciated. Best regards, Richard

(P Mathew Abraham) #63

Hi Erica, I’m Mathew Abraham of Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - Dallas. Just joined the group. My interests are in applied data science for clinical, operations and population health predictive analytics. Seasoned systems architect and C# programmer, now getting into R, Python, Spark, CDM etc.

Looking forward to interacting with the group!