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Weblogic scripting messages

(gracylayla) #1

Novice to Weblogic and not sure about the third party application logic how it is developed and deployed using Weblogic. It’s a black box for me because it’s not exposed and neither I have skillset on Java and Weblogic scripting

There is a WebLogic utility the 3rd party app dev team has provided to invoke a service in batch mode. Randomly, I see below message captured in log file against jobs being submitted.

Is this something that I should be worrying with or raise a case with the 3rd party application development team?

<Debug> <RJVM> <WL-000500> <Adding to duplicate table; connection: weblogic.rjvm.t3.client.MuxableSocketT3$T3MsgAbbrevJVMConnection@7cb29ea8>

WebLogic Server Version:

(HimaGirish) #2

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