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Should ICD10 30243S1, Transfusion of Nonautologous Globulin map to a Drug Concept?

(Don Torok) #1

Current mapping is to concept id, 2788725, domain id, Procedure, concept name, ‘Transfusion of Nonautologous Globulin into Peripheral Vein, Percutaneous Approach’. Should this also map to ‘Immunoglobulin’?

(Anna Ostropolets) #2

Good point! I do think that it will be appropriate, so will add. Do you have any other examples like that?

(Don Torok) #3

ICD10 PCS Procedure codes 30230S1,30233S1,30240S1,30243S1,30250S1,30253S1,30260S1, 30263S1. All relate to immunoglobulin.