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Requirements Development for the OHDSI Gold Standard Phenotype Library

(Aaron Potvien) #41

Glad to have you on board, @Andrew!

(Aaron Potvien) #42

@SCYou, @Juan_Banda, and @jswerdel, would you like to share a bit about what you’ve been working on regarding your respective items for our meeting on the 16th? It appears 10am ET is midnight KST, so it would be unreasonable to expect @SCYou to join the call, and I believe @Juan_Banda is unavailable at this time, but even just a couple of slides or list of highlights would be welcomed so the WG can become introduced to what you’ve been thinking about and the direction you think we should be headed.

(Joel N. Swerdel) #43

Sounds good. I will have a few slides about the progress with PheValuator and what I see as future directions.

(Seng Chan You) #44

@apotvien I’ll try to attend the meeting.
And I will prepare to show what I’m doing for phenotype library. :slight_smile:

(Vojtech Huser) #45

I missed the formal group formation. But this is very relevant to what I am currently doing in the context of RWD/RWE. I would like to join the WG and will attend the future meetings. (and will volunteer for some tasks to do)

(Aaron Potvien) #46

@jswerdel and @SCYou, thanks a bunch, and we’re looking forward to hearing your perspectives next week!

@Vojtech_Huser, welcome! This is a great time to join, as this WG group is still very much in a formation stage. Indeed, RWD/RWE needs RWP (real-world phenotypes)! :slight_smile: I hope we can chat about how this ties in with your work at our upcoming meeting.

(Seng Chan You) #47

I uploaded the manual chart review system for hemorrhagic stroke to the git hub, too.
It seems that the positive predictive value in hemorrhagic stroke is much better than in ischemic stroke. I’ll upload the result soon.

(Anna Ostropolets) #48

@apotvien count me in! We’re developing an algorithm for chronic kidney disorder, which can fit the library nicely.
I also feel that I somehow lost the track… Has the place for storing the library already been figured out?

(Aaron Potvien) #49

Hello @aostropolets, consider yourself counted in! It is for certain that our library will eventually require a gold standard definition of CKD.

No, we have not yet established how the library will be implemented. We’ve floated the ideas of integrating it into Atlas, maintaining definitions on the wiki, or storing them in a GitHub repository. Ultimately, that will need to be resolved by the community with the help of our (yet to be known) volunteer lead for Subtask #5, which pertains to the library architecture and implementation.