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Public OHDSI atlas failing

(Jreps) #1

I’ve been having issues viewing the OHDSI atlas over the past 2-4 weeks, is anyone else also experiencing this?

My issue is that the existing cohorts don’t seem to show, or when they do, if I click on a cohort it fails to load.

(Lee Evans) #2

Hi @jreps are there any patterns you are seeing with this error?

How often is the error encountered? Is it intermittent or always/regularly happening?
Is it on certain days or at certain times of the day?
Does it happen after using Atlas for a while or immediately when opening Atlas?
Are there any error messages? Especially chrome developer console messages?
Does it happen on different networks? e.g. work vs home?
Are there any jobs running in the ATLAS jobs page when the error occurs?

This info would be very helpful to troubleshoot the issue.

(Jreps) #3

Hi Lee, I have had this issue consistently for about a month. It happens on all browsers plus both my Mac and PC. I’ve added a screen shot of the issues displayed by chrome:

(Lee Evans) #4

Hi @jreps I’ve made a change to the public OHDSI ATLAS to now use the DNS name instead of an IP address when calling the WebAPI. Please try to access the public OHDSI ATLAS site again to check if the issue is resolved.