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PCORNet thread

(Vojtech Huser) #1

Since this community may be knowledgeable about non OMOP stuff (and there is no better venue I could ask) - I am hoping to ask a simple question about PCORNet CDM.

In PCORNet CDM, two tables have a suffix “_CM” (they are LAB_RESULT_CM and PRO_CM).

I did not see in the spec what it stands for and why just these two tables would have that suffix.

Does anyone know the meaning of the _CM suffix in the table name?

(Don Torok) #2

Here is a contact at PCORnet who should be able to answer your question.
Laura Qualls – laura.qualls@dm.duke.edu

(Evan Sholle) #3

From p.54 of 2017 CDM specs:

LAB_RESULT_CM Domain Description:
Laboratory result Common Measures (CM) use specific types of
quantitative and qualitative measurements from blood and other
body specimens. The common measures are defined in the same
way across all PCORnet networks, but this table can also include
other types of lab results.