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Overhauling Measurement Types

(Seng Chan You) #21

Do we have any consensus where to store height / weight / BMI / blood pressure in CDM?
(Is it Measurement ? or Observaiton?)

(Doyeop Kim) #22

Hi all,
I have a quick question. I’m trying to convert from national emergency department data to CDM. Are GCS (glasgow coma scale) and AVPU scale observation? or measurement?

(William Stephens) #23

Looking at my v5 Concept table, I see:

glasgow coma scale mapped to 3 possible domains:

  • Condition: using SNOMED and a specific score value defined in the Concept name β€œ4008896 Glasgow coma scale, 4”
  • Observation: using SNOMED Staging/scales as concept β€œ4296538”
  • Measurement: using LOINC as concept β€œ3032652”

AVPU (alert voice pain unresponsive):

  • Observation: using SNOMED Observable Entity as concept: 44808540
  • Observation: using SNOMED Staging /Scales as concept: 40493498

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #24

We updated the vocabulary and now SNOMED Staging/scales belong to measurement domain.
So β€œ4296538” (glasgow coma scale) and 40493498 (AVPU - alert voice pain unresponsive scale) belong to measurement domain.

(Melanie Philofsky) #25

I am working with height data. There is not a concept_id for β€œinches” in the Unit domain. Should concept_id = 4121360 be moved from the Observation domain to the Unit domain? It is a standard SNOMED code with concept_class_id = Qualifier Value.

(Christian Reich) #26

It’s concept_id=9930.

(Christian Reich) #27

And, btw: If we need a unit UCUM has a procedure to make any one we want. So, no need to β€œmove” anything.

(Roger Carlson) #28


(Doyeop Kim) #29

@wstephens Thank you for reply!, @Dymshyts It sounds great! I will use these concept. :grin: