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OHDSI Tools - adoption and utilization stats


(Gregory Klebanov) #1

Dear All,

As OHDSI ATLAS / WebAPI, ARACHNE and other tools are being more and more adopted, I wanted to discuss the idea of an effective framework for capturing and reporting tools utilization. A few organizations where ATLAS has been deployed have expressed interest in seeing a progress of adoption of deployed tools and thus capturing this statistics is be very important.

By tool utilization, I mean utilization stats such daily visits, average session time, as active users, usage by features (pages), locations of users, browsers. In my previous experience, I was exposed to a couple of fantastic tools - each with its own pros and cons:

Google Analytics is a great choice for Cloud-hosted apps while AWStats is a good choice for on-premise (intranet) hosted, especially where internet traffic is typically blocked.

I was hoping that others would able to share their thoughts and idea on this topic. What do people do today to report on tool adoption and utilization? Also, what other - non-technical - approaches could be taken?