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New Working Group on Maternal & Child Health, please join


Hi Miriam,

I would be interested in participating. Jamie Weaver and I worked together on the maternal offspring linkage study.

Thank you.
Jill Hardin

(Anna Ostropolets) #4

Hi Miriam,
would love to join. @Dymshyts and I had some experience in gestational age estimation which was quite challenging indeed.
Also can help with all kinds of vocabulary work.

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #5

Hi @Miriam2,
Definitely, vocabulary work is one of the crucial part of every OHDSI study.
So I’m in!

(Eldar Allakhverdiiev) #6

Hi @Miriam2 !
Hope my experience in vocabulary work and study designs will be useful, so count me in!

(Chunhua Weng) #7

I am interested in this topic too! please count me in.

(Vojtech Huser) #8

I would be interested.
Here is my related change request in CDM repo

(Christian Reich) #9


Sounds like a THEMIS request, doesn’t it?

(Sturkenboom) #10

Hi James
Thank you for your interest, I will now set up the WIKI page and start organizing calls, what would be a good frequency for you? Would you want to co-chair with me?
Best wishes, Miriam

(Qi Yang) #11

I am also interested. Please count me in.

(James Weaver) #12

Hi @Miriam2,
I’d be happy to co-chair this with you, thank you, although I won’t be able to take on this responsibility until the new year. In the meantime, I think a monthly meeting would be sufficient until we know what folks want to accomplish, have addressed the feasibility of these goals, and some momentum has built. Thursdays or Friday mornings EST could work for me but let’s see what works best for the most people considering their time zones. You could try a doodle: https://doodle.com/

(Julianna Kohler) #13

Hi @Miriam2, I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I would love to join this group.

(Shawn Dolley) #14

I am very happy to see this group start. I have been working with Dr. Dyann Daley, pediatric anesthesiologist, and others where the concept (not OMOP concept!) has come up of a ‘child abuse phenotype’ or phenotype of injuries and most frequent comorbidities like asthma that might be meaningful. I think interest on precision public health in Maternal and Child Health cohort by Gates Foundation and otherwise have shown to me there is a lot of possibility in OHDSI community for meaningful research in this area (vs traditional comparative effectiveness in other cohorts).

(Sturkenboom) #15

Hi Julie, March 30 we will have the next meeting, we have just posted an agenda on the Wiki page

(Andrea Margulis) #16

Good morning Miriam and all,
If it is not too late, I would like to join this special interest group. I am a pediatrician and epidemiologist with experience and interest in several of the group aims, and I would love to meet and collaborate with the rest of the folks in the group. I am located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Are regular meetings taking place?
Kind regards,

(Christian Reich) #17


Not sure how active this Working Group actually is. We are looking for good reproducible OMOP-compatible pregnancy algorithms. Have you guys made any progress along those lines?

(James Weaver) #18

An algorithm for Inferring pregnancy episodes has been developed, validated, and published: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0192033. It can be implemented with this: https://github.com/OHDSI/PhenotypeLibrary/tree/master/pregnancy%20episodes%20and%20outcomes.

@Jill_Hardin and I have done some work developing and validating an algorithm for identifying mother-infant linkages, but unfortunately it’s been put aside for a while. Given the advances in the FeatureExtraction package and some new info on mother-infant linkages from some data vendors, I’ll likely have to considerably overhaul at least some of this work. Stay tuned.


Hi, @jweave17
Thank you for developing and publishing this algorithm. But I have an error trying to install it in R:

Package is not available (for R version 3.5.1)

Does your algorithm support the latest version of R?

(James Weaver) #20

hi @zhuk,

Althuogh I’d like to take credit for the pregnancy episodes algorithm, I can’t since it wasn’t my my doing. About installing it, try this approach if you haven’t already: Clone the PhenotypeLibrary repository your local directory, then run install.packages("/PhenotypeLibrary/pregnancy episodes and outcomes/, repos=NULL, type="source).

If this fails, please let me know and we’ll troubleshoot.


Already tried doing it from my local directory.
I downgraded R to version 3.3 from the latest 3.5.1 and finally installed it. Unfortunately I don’t have suitabe data to check it, but at least got the package installed.
Thank you.


Hello James Weaver,
We can see about three thousands concepts inserted in database schema (please see init.sql in pregnancy episodes and outcomes). But some amongst them (namely 21 concept_id, 1305058, 40767416, 440795 etc) were inserted more than once. I can not understand why…