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Integrate MedDRA with current CDM


Hi all,

I have built a CDM database using the data downloaded from Athena (without MedDRA). Now, I got a license from MedDRA. So I tried to update the dictionary in the current database and integrate the MedDRA dictionary. Is there a convenient way for me to do this? Thanks!


(Christian Reich) #2


You don’t have to integrate anything. It’s done already for you. Go to Athena and request a copy of the Vocabularies, but this time including MedDRA. You will get an email asking for proof of the MedDRA license. Provide it, and MedDRA is going to be included in your copy.


Thanks so much for your kind reply!

(Seanzhang924926) #4

I have the license from the MedDRA too, but ,how i can prove it to the CDM or show it.
It confuse me ,so, i email the MedDRA and they don’t know either.