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How can I use "VISIT_DETAIL" table when I set the cohort criteria in atlas


I want setting cohort using “visit_detail” table’s criteria.

I think it’s a possible working
“VISIT_DETAIL” table is very similar to others criteria table’s shape.(like “VISIT_OCCURRENCE” table, “SPECIMEN” table Etc…)

So really it’s a possible please tell me how can I setting that.

But if using “VISIT_DETAIL” table’s criteria when I set the cohort,
also please tell me why it is impossible things.

(Seng Chan You) #2

@11112 Do you want to create cohort using visit_detail through ATLAS?
Could you tell us why you want to use visit_detail table rather than visit_occurrence table?

(Vojtech Huser) #3

I don’t think this rather new table is supported yet.

But you can simply write your own SQL as long as it outputs the same thing as cohort which I think is 3 columns with person_id, start, end

ad example - I can imagine a cohort of admitted to ward A (orthopedics) and transferred to ward B (ICU)