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Facing issue while importing concept data

(Micheal ) #1
  1. Once reimporting Concept data with adding CPT4 file, the error is occurred.
    this is about “encoding UTF-8”, and I don’t get it why it happend.
    Any solution?

  2. image
    What is “base/26395/36762.4”?
    even though I still have enough space, it’s been occurred.
    Does anyone tell me what the problem is and good solution?

(Ssuvorov Fls) #2


  1. Records encoding in the file is not utf-8 (seems to be utf-16)
  2. Maybe you have less free space than necessary.

(Micheal ) #3

That’s all I already know it.
It’s UTF-8, and I said I still have enough space, but it doesn’t work

(Ssuvorov Fls) #4

What’s the size of the file?