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Error When Trying to Create Container for Broadsea Webtools


Was wondering if anyone received an error like the following below and what was done to troubleshoot when trying to create the Broadsea docker containers. Did not see a similar error on the web.

C:\Docker_Broadsea_Files>docker-compose up -d
Pulling broadsea-methods-library (ohdsi/broadsea-methodslibrary:)…
latest: Pulling from ohdsi/broadsea-methodslibrary
05d1a5232b46: Pull complete
120fc9ef5e70: Pull complete
5e326ec67199: Pull complete
ccacb18b3880: Pull complete
a8de48df876a: Pull complete
bd050c593829: Pull complete
e1de13211427: Pull complete
1d708864da44: Pull complete
89dbc7fe3508: Pull complete
a35fcc8b1afa: Pull complete
3d53adc3abad: Pull complete
f5f3c1131669: Pull complete
c11896a16299: Pull complete
df9a766d5683: Pull complete
7dbfe00c170a: Pull complete
Pulling broadsea-webtools (ohdsi/broadsea-webtools:)…
latest: Pulling from ohdsi/broadsea-webtools
bc9ab73e5b14: Pull complete
193a6306c92a: Pull complete
e5c3f8c317dc: Pull complete
d21441932c53: Pull complete
fa76b0d25092: Pull complete
346fd8610875: Pull complete
3ca5d6af9022: Pull complete
c06cfa2cea32: Pull complete
205950a5a114: Pull complete
6332a55c669e: Pull complete
cefeffe0f2a1: Pull complete
5403dc585b04: Pull complete
04a6b917efbd: Pull complete
9d6898dc1e5e: Pull complete
b14064d28316: Pull complete
d8275beab925: Pull complete
f5cc8f1d59ad: Pull complete
d37069a41747: Pull complete
29ab170ce61d: Pull complete
e3a6c6e0ee12: Pull complete
639d1caf4462: Pull complete
Creating docker_broadsea_files_broadsea-methods-library_1 …
Creating docker_broadsea_files_broadsea-webtools_1 … error
Creating docker_broadsea_files_broadsea-methods-library_1 … done
ERROR: for docker_broadsea_files_broadsea-webtools_1 Cannot create container for service broadsea-webtools: b’Drive has not been shared’
ERROR: for broadsea-webtools Cannot create container for service broadsea-webtools: b’Drive has not been shared’
ERROR: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.

(Lee Evans) #2

@idontknow It looks like Docker can’t map a docker volume to a host machine drive/folder.

The Broadsea Docker compose file references the current directory (where the compose file is located) in the volume mapping so that drive/folder must be visible to Docker.

Are you running Docker on a Windows machine? There’s an option you can use to share the drive (with the Docker virtual machine) in the Windows Docker client.

This link may help:


Thank you @lee_evans. That seems to resolve the error. Since I am new to Docker and these tools, I may have a few more questions.

So I was able to successfully start the containers.

However, I am not able to connect to the web OHDSI Rstudio web interface at: http://your-docker-host-ip-address:8787
The web page returns


For atlas, it says Not Found too.

I do not think the containers are picking up the host ip address either. While we are behind a corporate proxy, I have configured the proxy url in the docker settings.

However, when I run the command docker-compose ps to get the status of the containers, it says they are up, but the ip address is 0 as you can see here:

Also, is it throwing a

file not specified error

since the C:\Docker_Broadsea_Files folder is not the docker home directory? Should these files be placed a directory in the Docker home folder or is something else going on?