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Convention for mapping drugs in source systems that are encoded as RxNorm 'Brand Name' entries?

(Michael Gurley) #1

What is the convention for mapping drugs in source systems that are encoded as RxNorm ‘Brand Name’ entries? For example, we have a source system that encodes a drug clinical event as
"Brand Name’ RxNorm code ‘1359163’/RxNorm name ‘Singlet’. Which is a non-standard OMOP concept that can map to multiple standard RxNorm ‘Ingredients’: ‘Chlorpheniramine’, ‘Acetaminophen’ ‘Pseudoephedrine’. Should we make three entries in DRUG_EXPOSURE mapped to each RxNorm ingredient?

(Christian Reich) #2


That would be an ingredient combination Chlorpheniramine+Acetaminophen+Pseudoephedrine. Brand Names are no drugs, they are just names. The problem is we don’t have ingredient combos. We have Drug Forms, which are ingredient combos with a Dose Form, though. Since the Brand “Singlet” is only sold as Oral Tablet you should take 42901558 “Acetaminophen / Chlorpheniramine / Pseudoephedrine Oral Tablet [Singlet]”.

Problem is that concept is deprecated. RxNorm took it out. Need to find out why. In the mean time, use the non-branded version 40003654 “Acetaminophen / Chlorpheniramine / Pseudoephedrine Oral Tablet”

Of course the larger question is why don’t we have ingredient combos. We never implemented them, RxNorm has them. There is a backlog item to that end in the system, but the priority is somewhere in the basement. Unless somebody came and wanted it really bad. :slight_smile:

(Christian Reich) #3

@mgurley: Corrected the previous posting. I used Branded Drug, instead of the intended Branded Drug Form. Now it is correct. Still will send request to RxNorm inquiring what they have against the Singlet product.