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Congratulations to Peter Rijnbeek, now Associate Professor of Health Data Sciences at Erasmus MC

(Patrick Ryan) #1

A hearty congratulations is deserved for @Rijnbeek, who has been promoted to Associate Professor of Health Data Sciences at Erasmus MC. This a richly deserved recognition for the scientific excellence and thought leadership that he has brought to the field of medical informatics. @Rijnbeek has had many impressive scientific accomplishments throughout his academic career, but I would like to highlight his remarkable leadership in our OHDSI community. He and @jreps have really been the driving force in establishing OHDSI’s research agenda in patient level prediction, carrying out leading methodological research in how to apply and evaluate machine learning algorithms against patient level data, developing an open source platform to enable these scientific best practices to be applied across the community, and executing studies that have yielded important insights that can personalize risk for patients in a way that could materially improve clinical decision making. @rijnbeek also has been one of our leading advocates for the notion of open science, and main catalysts for expanding OHDSI’s vision across the whole of Europe. The recent kickoff of EHDEN represents a important milestone for our entire community, which would not have been possible without @Rijnbeek s energy, passion, vision, and technical expertise. The OHDSI Europe Symposium, which Erasmus MC hosted last year and will do so again next month, has been an impressive showcase not only of our community, but also the tremendous impact of @rijnbeek leadership in action.

Three cheers for Dr. Rijnbeek!

(George Hripcsak) #2

Awesome and well deserved for @Rijnbeek!

(Juan M. Banda) #3

Congrats!!! Great job!

(Doyeop Kim) #4

Congratultions!!! :slight_smile:

(Martijn Schuemie) #5

Congratulations!!! :fireworks::tada::confetti_ball::balloon:

(David Madigan) #6

Hurrah!!! Congratulations Peter!

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #7

The most deserved!! Very exciting news, @Rijnbeek. You sure do make the rest of us look good. :smiley:

(Christian Reich) #8

Niccccce, Peter. Now you are stuck with this entire scientific community. Nowhere to go. :slight_smile:

(Andrew Williams) #9

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
Erasmus MC and the rest of us are lucky to be able to enjoy the benefits of your leadership, brilliance, and commitment to excellence.

(Ajit Londhe) #10

Congrats Peter! I can’t believe @Patrick_Ryan didn’t mention your accomplishments in the field of laser tag :smile:

(Rohit Vashisht) #11

Awesome. Congratulations :tada:

(Rkboyce) #12

Congrats! Unquestionably a good choice on the part of Erasmus :slight_smile:

(Nigam Shah) #13

:confetti_ball: Congrats!

(Seng Chan You) #14

:partying_face: Congratulation!

(Hamed Abedtash) #15

@Rijnbeek Congratulations Peter! Well deserved! :smiley:

(Erica Voss) #16